The coupon code is something very very awesome that we are would love to use anytime we check out at an online store.

Coupon is a small piece of code that shoppers use it to get a discount when shopping at an online store.

You can find coupon codes by Googling or visit to get them.

Coupon, discount code is going to save our online shopping day.

What’s going to happen if we don’t have any live coupon code? Oh, That’s a bad day than ever. Otherwise, It’s very awesome.

How to use the coupon code?

Where to apply coupon code?  A lot of new shoppers might don’t know coupon code and how to use it or where is the place to apply it.

If the online stores offer the coupon codes, there will be a place to apply it.

The place to apply the coupon code, sometimes around the check out step before finishing the order.

  • If you don’t see it from the beginning until the step add payment info, may be it hidding some where or very small that you can’t see it. Otherwise, The store doesn’t offer that feature.

Some online stores don’t offer coupon codes but they offer the promotional deal via Link. It’s a kind of discount but via a secret link which is doesn’t necessary to apply the coupon code. You can see the “Get Deal” button on is the secret discount via the link. Just hit on it, it will heading you to the discount page.

The steps guides how to use coupon codes


Step 1

The first step how to use coupon code

Go to and enter the store name at the search bar to find the coupon codes.

Or Google  “store name +” or  “store name in”

Follow the Google results have displayed, click on the link that points you to When you have arrived at, right the store you are looking for coupon codes, deals.


Step 2

Press on the button saying “GET CODE” to reveal the coupon code hidden inside. This code will help you save money at the checkout.

Go to to get coupon


Step 3

Now jump over to the store you want to buy, find the products you are going to buy add it all to your cart. Then click on the cart, follow the step until you see the place to apply coupon code.

Go to the store


Step 4

Now I’m going to buy at hat at a store. I’ll show you how to use coupon code

Hit on Add to cart to buy it


Step 5

Click on the CART or BAG text or icon located at the top corner to check out your cart or your bag


Step 6

Click on the check out button to continue


Step 7

At this step you can apply the coupon code and the order informations

Notes: The section to apply coupon code has the similar text like these:

  • Have a coupon code
  • Have a promotional code
  • Have a voucher code
  • Coupon?
  • Discount?
  • Promo Code?
  • Voucher?
  • Have a promo code?
The place to apply coupon code will look like this.

After this step, you just need to fill out all information to make the final order then all things done.

With these tips and guides, hope you have a great shopping day.